PureVPN Affiliate Program

PureVPN is a corporate-based private internet that allows users to mask their original IP when using or browsing the internet. This means that PureVPN’s clients can surf the web without any worries or random thoughts about being hacked, their private information manipulated or their browsing activity spied over. PureVPN is a simple VPN (virtual proxy network) that is being used by an extensive number of people out there and in its doing it allows clients access to a vast number of centralized servers to choose from located all over the globe, auto-switching from one server to another and wiping down any trace or digital print of them checking out any website or webpage.

An affiliate program meant for people who are success bound

What’s more interesting is the affiliate program put into place by PureVPN, it is unlike any other that you have witnessed out there. The first deal of the program is to hire people that are bound for success, you definitely don’t have to provide any certification or other means of validation for the IT industry at all. The only thing that matters the most is that you have the right sales and marketing skills up your sleeves, because if that is the case then you are practically good to go.

Dedicated Affiliate managers to aid you every step of the way

PureVPN affiliate program doesn’t leave you on your own even after you have signed up with the program and already making sales. Whenever you feel stuck or find that the sales are not progressing the way these used to or something irregular with the seller dashboard then you don’t have to sit in silence, reach out to the dedicated affiliate managers right away and get all the help that you need.

Real-time tracking of your progress

The PureVPN affiliate program is not as idle nor is as broken as other affiliate programs out there, whenever you post a sales link you can come right back to your affiliate dashboard and get real-time updates regarding its performance. You will be able to find how many clicks your link has received, how many clients actually landed over the intended page, and all other stats like this. It will help you to understand where you are making mistakes and what needs to be changed to fix the issue.

Best payouts for an affiliate program

Most of the affiliate programs out there don’t appreciate the hard work of the affiliates and that is why the commission rates are not that amusing at all. You will get about 20% or 30% at the best but with PureVPN you can secure sky-touching commission which is as much as 50%, imagine getting half of the sale proceedings which was brought in by you, feel amazing, right?

Indeed it does. The PureVPN affiliate program is tried and tested and on top of that, it is a two-tier affiliate program which means that you will be able to get other people to sign up under you as the sub-affiliates and become entitled to the commission earned by the sales that they make through their own account.