SimpleFX Affiliate Program

SimpleFX is a CFD broker which allows its customers and clients to be able to trade actively in multiple markets and niches such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and forex as well. SimpleFX provides easier and cutting-edge technology which allows the users to be able to transact with whatever market they want to connect to in real-time. The data presented before the client is recorded and displayed within an inch of a second so that they can make calculated decisions around their trading strategy. The company has been working since 2014 and has an incredible track record, to begin with.

Elegant two-tier affiliate program by SimpleFX

SimpleFX has recently inaugurated an affiliate program which is by every inch the most elegant and thriving affiliate model out there. Like many affiliate programs out there the SimpleFX affiliate program doesn’t leave you high and dry making all those decisions by yourself such as running ads, creating the landing pages, and targeting people for sales on your own.

There is a dedicated dashboard for that put together by the IT professionals working at SimpleFX. The dashboard is every part as elegant as it should be. The affiliate program introduced by SimpleFX is two-tier which means that you get to hire other affiliates as your sub-affiliates and cash onto their respective earnings as well in the form of a commission.

All the tools that you need to become successful

SimpleFX cares for its affiliates and the clients brought in by them and for that reason you get to have multiple tools and plugins to work for you. First of all, you have the real-time tracking of the progress made by your partners, simply sign in within the tool and it will display their progress over an allocated time. You can come to know the progress they have made, the commission that they have earned, and your part in it. All of it and more with just a simple click on yo